Exhibition Calendar 2014-2015

Exhibition Calendar



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Exhibition Date

Studio One


Main Gallery


Corridor Gallery

Juried Exhibition

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Friday Opening Reception






Juror: Hillary Gomes 


Janine Castillo, Anthony May, Jenny Robinson, Sedonya Kay

Currated by Anna Speaker

 Ron Andrews

Abstract Landscapes

Submission Deadline: May 14th

Drop off: May 30 &31

Pick up: June 27 & 28 

First Friday

June 6th





 Members' Exhibit

Juror: Edna Wagner Piersol

 Members' Exhibit

Juror: Edna Wagner Piersol

 Ron Andrews


Drop off: June 27 & 28

Pick up: July 25 & 26

 Second Friday

July 11th






Juror: Donna Napper

Fine Art Prints from Smith Anderson Editions

 Mobile Art Expo

Submission Deadline: July 9th

Drop off: July 25 & 26

Pick up: August 29 & 30

 First Friday

August 1st





 PAL Grand Opening

PAL Grand Opening   PAL Grand Opening

Submission Deadline: August 25

Drop Off: August 29 & 30

Pick up:  September 27, 10 - 4pm

 First Friday

September 5th





Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes 

Juror: Sara Kabot, Cantor Center

Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes 

Juror: Sara Kabot, Cantor Center

Caroline Mustard

Submission Deadline: September 15th

Drop off: September 26 & 27

Pick up: October 31- Nov 1

 Second Friday

October 10th





Science, Technology and the Future of Art

 Juror: Gail Wight, Stanford University

Science, Technology and the Future of Art Rosine Ferber 

Submission Deadline: October 17th

Drop off: October 31 & November 1

Pick up: November 28 & 29

 First Friday

November 7th



 Small Works Holiday Sale and Celebration!

Submission Deadline: November 25th 

Drop Off: November 28th & 29th

 Winter Wonder

Juror: Lisa Ellsworth, Curator,

Palo Alto Art Center

 Isaias Sandoval

Winter Wonder (Juried Show)

Submission Deadline: November 12th 

Drop Off: November 28th & 29th

Pick Up: January 2nd & 3rd

First Friday

December 5th 





 Members' Exhibit

Juror: JoAnn Edwards,

Executive Director,

Museum of Craft And Design, SF

  Sal Corral & John Haag

Submissions Begin November 20th

Submission Deadline: December 31st

Drop Off: January 2nd & 3rd

Pick Up: January 30th & 31st

Second Friday

January 9th




   Ron Andrews

Submission Deadline: January 15th

Drop Off: January 30th & 31st

Pick Up: February 27th & 28th


 First Friday

February 6th



 Fur, Feathers & Fins

   Contemporary Mixed Media


Submission Deadline: February 12th

Drop Off: February 27th & 28th

Pick Up: March 27th & 28th

 First Friday

March 6th



 Spring is in the Air

  Sheryl Tealdi


Submission Deadline: March 12th

Drop Off: March 27th & 28th

Pick Up: April 24th & 25th

 First Friday

April 3rd



PAL Anniversary Exhibit



Submission Deadline: April 9th

Drop Off: April 24th & 25th

Pick Up: May 29th & 30th

 First Friday

May 1st




   Robin Apple

Submission Deadline:May 14th

Drop Off: May 29th & 30th

Pick Up: June 26th & 27th


 First Friday

June 5th



 Members' Exhibit

  Erin Hanson 


Submission Deadline: June 11th

Drop Off: June 26th & 27th

Pick Up: July 31st & August 1st

 First Friday

July 3rd



 Figures and Faces



Submission Deadline: July 16th

Drop Off: July 31st & August 1st

Pick Up: August 28th & 29th

 First Friday

August 7th




   Colored Pencil Society of America - SF chapter


Submission Deadline: August 13th

Drop Off: August 28th & 29th

Pick Up: September 25th & 26th

 First Friday

September 4th



Landscapes, Seascapes & Urbanscapes 

   PAL instructors


Submission Deadline: September 10th

Drop Off: September 25th & 26th

Pick Up: October 30th & 31st

 First Friday

October 2nd




   Terenia Offenbacker


Submission Deadline: October 15th

Drop Off: October 30th & 31st

Pick Up: November 27th & 28th

 First Friday

November 6th



 Holiday Exhibit

  Ron Andrews 


 First Friday

December 4th